Jiggle Balls Studio Update

Jiggle Balls Studio for the iPad has a new store front and I added 1 new theme to the store.  I’ve been super busy with our house move, so instead of tackling any new projects I thought I could at least make some progress by spending a few weekends updating an existing one.  And to tell ya the truth it feels good.  Plus it’s also good to stay in the submittal phase, since every time I go to do this something has changed with the process or tools.

My store front use to be a UIPopoverController.  But this really limited what I could show.  So I decided to make it a Modal View Controller much like my More and About screens.  I now show a preview of the themes and gadgets.

In addition to the Default and the Space themes, I’ve added the Groovy theme.  It borrows from a lot of 70s memorabilia and ideas.  There’s even a bouncing disco ball.  And of course I still support the bomb, black hole, and magnet gadgets.  I have a couple more gadgets in mind.

I’ve submitted the update to Apple.  It’s amazing to me how much easier the process is than when I started 3 years ago.  But I guess it’s still a challenge for new people coming onboard based on the Apple Developer Forums.  Jiggle Balls Studio is FREE.  So I’d appreciate you checking it out and providing any feedback.

I’ve also been asked to work on a game based on a current YouTube sensation with over 5 million views.  I’m trying to find the time to work on it, since it’s 15 minutes of fame will be over soon.  Plus I still am working on my never ending game I previewed for you well over a year ago.  I think I got overly ambitious with it and I need to scale it back.  I’m looking forward to getting moved and having the Winter to hibernate and work on these projects.


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