Got Buttermilk?

Well… it’s been 6 months since I last posted.  Most of my time has been taken up by selling my old house, building a condo, and moving in.  Now that I’m settled I’ve ramped up Funky Visions projects again.  I’m proud to announce Buttermilk – The Bouncing Baby Goat.  Buttermilk is a goat that took the YouTube crowd by storm last Summer/Fall with over 8 million views of her video.

I happen to work with the woman who owns Buttermilk and she asked if I would do a game.  I told her I would, but that I was REALLY busy with my move.  So finally over Christmas break I got to work.

I decided to use Corona SDK because I wanted to do rapid development and prototyping and I wanted to be cross-platform with iOS and Android.  It turned out to be absolutely the right decision.  When they talk about developing 10x faster they aren’t kidding.  Things that literally use to take me days of work took hours instead.  I bought the iOS license and waiting to see how the app does before tacking on the Android subscription.

Buttermilk turned out pretty much how I envisioned it from the first design meeting.  I wanted a simple game for kids to play but challenging enough that adults might give it a try too.  Therefore the scoring mechanism is really simple and the game mechanic is just one tap.  I also wanted the artwork to be more polished than my last endeavors.  So I spent a lot of time hand drawing buttons, etc.  Here’s the game trailer (something else I had to learn to do as well — thanks iMovie).

I’ve set a target date of March 21st for release.  This is the first time I’ve set a release date and not just let the app go live once approved.  So I’m a little nervous with the whole release date and getting buried thing.  Hoping it works out ok.  Apple has this worked out by now, right?

Coming up I’ll probably start writing some blog entries about my experiences with Corona SDK.  I have a game that I put on the back-burner 2 years ago that is a prime candidate for converting over to Corona.  I also think getting Jiggle Balls out for Android would be pretty cool.

Until next time… bounce on!


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