Xcode is dead! Long live… Corona?

I will probably never use Xcode again (unless Apple forces me to — and at that point I’ll probably just quit developing for iOS).  And this is from someone who has been using Objective-C and Interface Builder since 1993… yes you heard me… 20 years ago I started using Steve Jobs’ vision of how development should be on the NeXT computer.  It was awesome… then… it was awesome in 2008… but that awesomeness has worn off for me.

With the development of my last game I decided I didn’t want to use Objective-C or Xcode anymore.  I wanted something fast, that I could rapidly prototype and test ideas.  Corona SDK has turned out (for me) to be that answer.  I recently gave a presentation at our local iPhone User Group spouting my enthusiasm for Corona.  We wrote a Space Invaders type game in less than an hour.  You can download the project and check it out.

Corona promises 10x faster development time.  That’s been my experience.  Is it right for everyone?  Probably not.  It’s really not geared for Enterprise type development (although the new Widgets 2.0 bring it close).  It’s really for games games games, and that it does REALLY well.  The big news is that Corona SDK is now FREE to use and publish your app to both the Android and iOS App Stores (you still have to pay Apple your $99 and Google your $25).  If you need In-App Purchases then you’ll have to fork over some money.  I happened to get in before the May 1st deadline and so I’m locked into a price guarantee for the next 2 years.

I’m looking forward once again to reviving some of the projects I had bouncing around in my head, but pushed to the back-burner because I dreaded starting yet another Xcode project.  Apple does some things really well… IDEs, back-end servers, and cloud stuff aren’t things they do too well at however.  I’d love to hear from other Corona users.  Drop me a line.


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  1. Brian on May 4th, 2013 12:08 am

    Do you know if they’ve updated their GameCenter integration? I played around with Corona awhile ago, and the only GC stuff they had was simple achievements and leaderboards. When GC did a big upgrade awhile ago for multiplayer game notifications, I wanted to see that in Corona. Or trading between GC friends, like PocketFrogs. Do you know if it does anything like that? I did a quick googling of it and it doesn’t look like it.

  2. Yousuf on May 24th, 2013 2:41 pm

    Hey man,
    I happened to read your document and I just wanted to add somethings to it.
    To start with, Xcode is not dead yet. It has been updated so much that I can perform anything to my hearts desire. On the other hand, corona is highly limited but easy. If you use corona for a powerful application you can complete 90% with ease but the rest is extremely painful.
    But I really loved your document and also impressed with Corona.
    I am no expert but I still think that you should continue with Xcode
    as you have a lot of experience with it.
    Thank You for your attention.

  3. Vishal on November 15th, 2013 2:37 am

    Is Corona , only for game development ? I am new to iOS development and not liking the way Xcode works .

  4. Archer on January 28th, 2014 8:29 pm

    Hey there,

    I am an indie dev working with corona. I am trying to jumpstart a freelance business using corona to develop mobile apps for small businesses. You say enterprise may prove difficult, but do you feel that it would be okay for lower level business apps and still maintain that 10x edge?

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