Implementing a Parental Gate

Last blog entry I told you about my difficulties getting Buttermilk approved for the new KIDS section in the App Store.  Well, even after I implemented the Parental Gate screen like I had seen in “Cut The Rope” I was still rejected.  However… I don’t think Apple understood what I was doing and so I responded to them in the Resolution Center stating that this is what other apps were doing.  24 hours later they approved my app.  Since it now appears this is an acceptable method for verify kids, I am providing the Corona code on GitHub to implement this.

Again, it shows a required age authorization dialog on startup that cannot be bypassed.  Once the age has been selected it is persisted and the user will never be asked to answer the question again.  The app can then use the age selected to show or hide various UI elements to conform to Apple’s guidelines about what is acceptable for a KIDS app.  I removed the game center buttons, in-app purchases, and any links to external sites.

I still think Apple needs to be clearer about what forms of Parental Gates are acceptable.  I’ve seen anything from answering math questions to holding down buttons for a certain amount of time.  If they want apps to be consistent then they should provide an API or give us access to the passcode (or fingerprint) screen.  I like the age verification because it’s fairly non-intrusive to proceeding on to the app.

I heard from a few of you about your frustrations with getting into the KIDS section as well.  Please send me any followups about how your app is doing in the new section and if it was worth it.  I’ll keep ya posted on mine.


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