Vote Smart

There is something about this year's election that really has me bothered.  No, it's not anything about the candidates, although they perpetuate the problem I'm going to discuss.  It's the lack of research that people do in order to make up their mind about a candidate.  I'm not gonna try to persuade you one way or another on who to vote for.  That's your choice.  All I'm asking is that you do honest research before voting. I wish there were requirements before someone would be allowed to vote (just like their should be a quiz before someone is allowed to be a parent).  A simple "did you do the research?".  I hate hate hate that people vote because of just 1 reason.  For example, "I'm voting for him because he's black" or  "I'm voting for him cuz he's good looking".  That just irks me.  I would rather that person didn't vote at all, rather than pollute the voting system.  This isn't American Idol!  And if Ryan Seacrest ends up hosting the debates... argh.

My concern (and excuse me for expressing my political view) is that many people are going to vote for Romney for the sheer reason that he is Mormon.  I'm not knocking the church... but if I were to ask many of those people to tell me how that vote would affect their taxes or medical coverage, they might not have a good idea, and might be surprised by the answers.  Of course the lying that goes on on both sides doesn't help.  But many voters aren't going to go do the due diligence to investigate whether it's a lie or truth.  They've made up their mind and will cover up their ears and go "blah blah blah".

Will the 1% of Mormons that make up the U.S. population make a difference?  No, probably not, since most are located in areas where Republicans typically win anyway.  I pray that the Mormon church hasn't done anything devious like they did with Proposition 8 however.  I pray that funds aren't funneling through secret channels to get Romney elected.  Let him win or lose on his own merits.  I know... someone reading this believes these are the latter days and he MUST win.  If that's your only reason for electing him, please reconsider.

Please vote for who you think is the best candidate, or at least the lesser of two evils.  But do it based on intelligent reasons.  The internet is full of truth and lies.  Try to find a reputable site, do some reading, and make your choice.