Wall Walkin'

One of the reasons I moved my personal stuff to this blog instead of my techy one, was so that I could start a new segment called "Childhood Memories".  Each week I will attempt to dig into the foggiest corners of my brain and try to recall a childhood memory.  I find as I'm walking I see certain things that trigger a memory in my head, and I want to get them recorded. One of my fondest childhood memories is that of "Wall Walking".  When we first moved to Utah we had a cement block wall that traversed down the back of everyone's property all the way down the street.  Me and my younger brother use to hop up on the wall and travel down the street, exploring... hmmm... today it might be considered peeping, but we were just kids, what did we know.  Anyway we'd traverse the wall and travel back (none of us ever fell off that I remember, but I'm sure we must have).  I think we felt independent... like we had discovered new territory and could do something the adults couldn't do.

Anyway... I will be posting more... some things fresh on my mind: spelunking under my cousin's house, building a spaceship, the sticker factory, big wheels a-go-go, Disco Doug and Rock N' Roll Brad (or was it the other way around?), sticking carrots in socks, climbing around in the deerfield sewer holes, wow... and so much more.  Stay tuned!