GoogleReader Ate My Blog

Sorry if you just got blasted with past duplicate posts from this blog.  In order to try and clean up my site so that GoogleReader would play nice with it, I had to renumber the messages. If you are techy... and are interested in what happened... continue reading...

Initially my blog was called  Later I moved ALL the content over to  However, Google still had the OLD content (let's say pages 1-100) cached as  When I decided to revive and started posting, I started over with post #1 which Google thought was post #1 from the previous site.  So GoogleReader got all confused.  Anyway... I've renumbered the post and all new posts SHOULD show up in GoogleReader (if that's what you use).  Unfortunately, there is no way for me to tell Google to remove the old garbabe, so just view the new posts.

Thanks to "The Dude" for calling this to my attention.  It took me about a week to finally grasp what was going on here.