Sticker Factory

Growing up in El Monte, California we lived a mile or so away from an industrial park.  In the park there was a sticker factory.  Back in the 70s it seemed like a pretty big craze.  Those clear decals you wetted down and stuck to EVERYTHING (just ask my mother about the chest-of-drawers that got coated with them).  There were the "Keep on truckin'..." with the guy with one big foot way out in front.  And the peace signs and flowers, etc. etc. In the front office of the manufacturing plant you could go in and by the stickers.  But the best part was after hours.  That's when we jumped in the trash bin out back and brought home rolls of left over sticker material.  It seems like there was a paper factory there too that we would bring home all sizes and shape of paper tablets.

I have fond memories of riding my bike around town and feeling empowered by being able to get around town without relying on my parents.