Church v.s. State

I guess I was kind of disappointed to read this:,0,3827549.story

I really don't think religious groups should tell you how to vote, nor should they contribute to a campaign.

Some people might think we are going to Hell in a hand-basket.  Heaven forbid we have a black president, who is the best damn father I've seen and who is married to a woman who is going to promote family to our country.  Heaven forbid 2 people who love each other want to get married and raise a family.

I personally think intolerance and ignorance does the most harm.  Most wars are a result of this intolerance.  Thinking someone else should be living the way we do and enforcing our way of life on them.  We are a relatively new country.  How can we pretend to think it's our way or the highway?  How can a country that's only 5% of the world's population think it's the majority?  Most of the world is not white (  The majority of the world is not Christian (  We ARE the minority!  We live in a world of many wonderful cultures.  Perhaps we should convert to their way of thinking?

P.S. I actually had people that would not let their children come up to my door to trick-or-treat because I had Obama signs in my yard.  Now that's parenting!  Instill the fear into the children.