Strand Dead Revisited

This last weekend I wrote a blog about our pre-lit Christmas tree. 2 sections of the lights refused to work, after going through EVERY bulb and checking it. My Mom told me about this product she had heard of, Light Keeper Pro.

So I bought one off the internet, somewhat skeptically.  It arrived today and was waiting on the door-step when I got home.  I hurriedly scarfed down my subway sandwich, took the trash out, fed the dog and then settled down to open the package.  Within minutes I was at the tree plugging the unit into one of the burned out strands.  3 clicks of the button later and the strand lit.  Wow!  So I tested it on the next strand, and same result.  It worked!  This is truly one of the most amazing devices I've seen.  One of those few products I've bought that exceeded expectations!  THANKS MOM!