Applebee's (There She Blows!)

For Christmas I received a gift certificate for Applebee's.  I hadn't been there for several years, because the last time we were there we all got "colon blow' incredibly bad.  So... thinking it was just a one time experience, we went back there today.  I ordered the appetizer-trio.  Within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant, I had that uncomfortable growling in my lower intestine.  I knew I was in trouble... still 10 more minutes to the house.  Well, I held off the attack and made it home.  Did you ever notice that the urgency of the situation logarithmically increases as the distance to the house decreases?  I am now convinced there is something wrong with the food at Applebee's.  A quick search on Google revealed I'm not alone.  Read this halarious review:

Has anyone else experienced this?