Tribute To Tuesday

Today I put my cat of 16 years to sleep.  Her name was Tuesday.  She had bone cancer.  She showed up on our doorstep 16 years ago (on a Tuesday) with a band-aid on her foot.  She needed help and we took her in.  She's watched 2 other cats and 1 dog pass on.  She survived the move from Utah to Ohio.  She was my companion through my divorce.  And lately she taught "Trinity" (girlfriend's cat) how to brave the outdoors and how to fend off my dog "Izzy".  More than 1/3 of my life thus far had been spent with this cat and I will miss her greatly.  For the last week she had been coming into the bedroom at night and curling up in my lap.  She was afraid and knew something was up. She went peacefully today at 1:00p.  She was suffering and it was the right thing to do.  I will miss you Tuesday.