Happy New Year

A lot of people are proclaiming "good riddance" to 2010 with the hopes that 2011 is a better year.  I realize the economy has sucked for many and that people are out of jobs, but I really hate to see this negative attitude.  Will 2011 be any better without an attitude change?  Isn't life what we make it?  Haven't people been overspending and living beyond their means for years?  Shouldn't we be prepared to self sustain if there is a crisis? For me, 2010 was a great year.  I've learned so much on my job.  I've had time to pursue my iPhone hobby and make enough to not only pay for the necessary equipment, but to also supplement my income.  There are lots of opportunities out there if we are willing to reinvent ourselves and stop complaining about the government or how we might have been screwed over by a company, a spouse, or whatever.  I like to think I'm a pretty tolerant person, but I have a hard time finding tolerance for people who complain without "acting".  We live in a country where you have that option.  Find something you are good at and do it.  The mighty dollar should not be the end goal.  Happiness and healthiness should be.

I took a hike through the woods yesterday with my girlfriend.  Something we haven't done for quite a while.  But it was exactly the thing we needed to start the new year.  We got to talk, share a lot of feelings, see some awesome birds, listen to the running water, and just enjoy a little intimacy.  I took these hikes daily during my divorce, and it's what kept me sane.  I need to get back to this.  So if I have one New Year's resolution, it's to get out into nature more.